New car prep – Mini Cooper S, part 1

The morning started off with a new car being dropped off; a Mini Cooper S. Very shiny looking with only 78 miles on the clock. The car was already showing swirl marks even through the caked on wax the dealers had applied. Our plan is to strip off all contamination on the car, light machine polish and then seal with GTechniq both inside and out.

So first stage was to get rid of the dirt from its transit to here so the car was snow foamed, second picture shows how the water on the new car is beading from the wax that has been applied. This would all have to be stripped off completely.

Next was stage was to go over the car with some Meguars Body Solvent to strip off all the wax that had been applied onto the car. This has to be sprayed, wiped and then washed off with soapy water.

Now the car is rinsed off and Iron Cut is applied to everything, this acts as a decontamination process to remove everything that may remain on the car including brake dust.

This has the effect of opening up the paint pores and making all contaminants water soluble, the result is a water soluble biproduct that turns purple, you can see the results on the alloy and on the pad from the bodywork.

The car is then washed again and rinsed thoroughly before hand drying and then blow drying to remove all water from crevices. Finally we have paintwork ready for machine polishing, this photo is showing the swirls on a brand new mini!

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