Buff, Buff, Buff


Finally finished, my part, on a long standing Restomod project. Ollie Preston at RPM Technik managed the overall project putting together all of his years experience in air-cooled Porsches to work. The donor car was a Porsche 964 which was completely stripped back, dipped and reassembled with many new and bespoke parts, including natural vegetable tan leather and custom carbon fiber panels. The engine pumps out over 385bhp on an air cooled naturally aspirated car weighing just over 1100 kilos “a lively drive”.

IMG_0353My small part was the icing on the cake; refining the paintwork. The Porschephile owner and good friend, Nick championing this whole project had asked for the finish to be perfect, this meant a lot of collaboration between Phil, the chief painter at Pennings Bodyshop and myself. For Phil his part was to prepare the panels and layer two-pack acrylics leaning thickness towards three times that of modern factory finishes. A IMG_0026good chunk of primer was also needed to hide the carbon fiber weave so all panels were smooth and even. All of this he personally crafted and baked in a clean dust free environment to make sure contamination in the paint was kept to a minimum. Then we sanded back and polish so the paintwork was optically perfect. There was to be no orange peel and no defects; it had to be perfectly smooth. The shine that we were to get and the flatness of the paint for that mirror finish would hold no prisoners; even the smallest of defects would show up like a wart on a super models face.
Sanding and polishing, I was regularly hearing the cry of “stay away from the edges” from Phil. It was nervous times for us both. Saliva and 1500 grit became my perfect companions to spit and polish out that super models face, warts’n’all. It would seem that old school saliva has many useful polishes for wet sanding, mine was just less well trained than Phil’s.

Final refining was done using 3M reassuringly expensive Trizact abrasive pads 3000 and then 5000. The polishing stage had to bIMG_0335e just that, all correction was done at the sanding stage to get it smooth. But this stage would show if we had not quite caught it so still there were a few returns. Carlos Santana’s “Smooth” was drumming through my head but towards the end this project it got overtaken by the Mario Bros. My hands, face and clothes were slowly turning chartreuse green. The paintwork started to take on that perfect mirror finish that we were aiming for and after several days of sanding and polishing it happened, I started to see chartreuse green in everything. Even defects in people’s faces, blemishes I wanted to sand out there and then as I got served at the chippy. It was time to rest and dream in green.

What a project, what a lot of work but the results stood out for themselves, very inspiring. Solid colour paints really do show off the contours and glaze on a car which rekindled my faith in solid colours and how much more detail can be achieved. Time to shine.


All in a day

I have to pinch myself some times, I get to see and work with some incredible vehicles and clients alike. Monday starts off the day before with preparing the van for visits as Mondays being a day for maintaining. Seems people are a little unnerved at looking after their cars after a detail so it seemed appropriate to indulge this service.


The first car of the day was a Bentley Continental GT Speed. Wow, The car has 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (0.0 to 62.1 mph) acceleration of 3.7 seconds and top speed of 329 kilometres per hour (204.4 mph), making it one of the fastest and the most powerful production Bentley’s to date. As said, Wow, and what a beautiful car too. Anyhow arrived at site, get greeted, set up and then get greeted again, this time by my four legged friend with a tail wagging so hard he’s going to knock something over. Snow foamed to loosen the dirt (the Bentley) and then the regular two-bucket wash process to clean and rinse thoroughly. Damn, Avian poo, pretty hard and looked as though it had been there for a while. Not great as this stuff especially on a dark car can and will damage paint. Fortunately Crystal Serum saved the day and nothing was damaged. This car is not a garage queen, in fact it gets used a lot and quite rightly so. There is nothing more frustrating than a beautiful car that never gets to see the light of day. Problem is maintaining, yup, that’s where I come in, kind of cake and eat it.


IMG_7547The next stop was up at Lemsford kennels, this time being greeted by lots of barking and several wagging tails although this time on the other side of the fence. Something slightly different this time, a van used for transporting dogs, so it was time to focus on the interior blasting everything with the a Tornador. This thing shoots out atomised detergent at a high rate in an oscillating fashion; it really gets between the fibres and cleans, deep. It’s been a lifesaver many times for restoring carpets and regular maintenance to keep on top of things.


Funny, although you could call this valet, it isn’t really; it’s keeping on top of things so they do not degrade to the point of major headache. We regularly service our cars mechanically, check oil, top up, and replace tyres. But we do not look after the interior and exterior apart from the occasional sponge. Why is that?

Gtechniq approved mobile car detailing in Hertfordshire

IMG_6650At Extreme Detailing, we are passionate about cars. We revive to perfection and maintian, keeping our customers’ cars looking their best. Our mobile workshop facilities will come to you at your preferred time and convenience, leaving you free to get on with your day. We are able to do full paint correction polishing out marks, scratches and swirls that dull the paintwork. We can then protect both inside and out with the full Gtechniq range includingthe cermaic glass like coatings such as Crystal Serum. Our Valet processes reduce risk of marring paintwork with the options of contactless washes, snow foam, blow drying and using super soft edgeless microfibers towels all finished off with hydrophobic waxes and sealants.