New car prep – Mini Cooper S, part 2

The next part was to go over the car completely with the rotary buffer to remove the swirls in the paintwork caused by the dealer. This is a common problem no matter how prestige the car is. It is usually caused by poor valet prep using incorrect materials such as sponges and chamois leathers. The reason being is modern paints are considerably softer than before and as such are damaged much more easily. Swirl marks in paintwork are micro fine scratches caused by something rough or even worse grit being dragged across the paint. Read more New car prep – Mini Cooper S, part 2

Range Rover sport part 1

Started a new project this week from one of my regular customers it was time for his Range Rover Sport to have a major spruce up ready for spring. A week later I had picked up the keys ready for his car to be detailed whilst he was abroad on business. The car is to be cleaned thoroughly then polished, sealed and protected. Also the alloys are to be sent off and refurbished. Everything then to protected using the GTechniq range.
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What does Detailing mean in the UK

My Dad was never keen on having a sparkly car, in fact he use to regularly replace his cars with another old banger. He couldn’t see the point as far as he was concerned “it was a way of

getting from A to B”. But then two doors down from us was a Dad with a lovely new Jag and he was out every Sunday washing, polishing and waxing. The car looked lovely and he was very proud of it. All my Dad could do was go “Pfft” as he walked past, meanwhile I was thinking why cant my dad have a lovely car like that. He still hasn’t changed and he still does

not understand why somebody would be so obsessive over a car, but then he’s happy to answer the door in tracksuit bottoms held up by a piece of string! He’s not alone (apart from the string), I come across many people in the UK who either do not understand or just don’t want to know as to why you should Detail your car. Read more What does Detailing mean in the UK