Mercedes Pagoda 230SL

Car was in for a one day detail involving a deep cleanse, light machine polish and then sealed with Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer.

First thing was to thoroughly clean the paintwork in preparation for machine polishing. This involved, foam, rinse, wash, rinse, claybar, wash and dry.

Once all apintwork was thoroughly cleansed of all contaminents and the wax removed I could start to see some of the problems we would have to resolve. This shows where the top surface of the paint has started to weather showing oxidized paint. This is caused over time and it typical on car without a clearcoat protection.

The best way to resolve this is through machine polishing.

Finally once all the oxidized paint was removed a second stage of machine glaze was applied to get rid of the holograming caused by machine polishing. Once paintwork was perfect and clean it was time to apply the Gtechniq C1 lacquer.


Finally some polishing of the rear plastic screen and chrome and the car was restored with some hard wearing protection that would help protect the paint from blooming again and make it much easier to maintain.

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