New car prep – Mini Cooper S, part 2

The next part was to go over the car completely with the rotary buffer to remove the swirls in the paintwork caused by the dealer. This is a common problem no matter how prestige the car is. It is usually caused by poor valet prep using incorrect materials such as sponges and chamois leathers. The reason being is modern paints are considerably softer than before and as such are damaged much more easily. Swirl marks in paintwork are micro fine scratches caused by something rough or even worse grit being dragged across the paint. Dealers are on a budget to get the car out quickly and cheaply they will hide the showroom defects by a quick valet followed by a filler wax to cover the swirls. So a light machine polish to remove these defects, prior to this a deep clense to strip off all contamination meant we now had perfect paintwork ready for C1 lacquer to be applied.

The advantage of C1 is that it gives a hard wearing protective surface over the paint that adds depth and shine and is extremely hard wearing giving years of protection. For a new car this is perfect as it will help maintain that new car look for much longer. Once we had covered the paintwork with C1 it was time to Apply the C4 Permanent Trim restorer to protect the plastic trim around the wheel arches and doors, then finally C5 wheel amour to protect the alloys.

Finally with the exterior completed it was time to clean and protect the interior. This was a lot simpler although fiddly, the majority of the trim was protected using C4, the carpets protected using I1 smart fabric protector and finally all the leather sealed and protected using L1 leather guard. The results of these products show no darkening of the materials or making them shiny but they will seal in and protect. Smart Fabric acting like a Scotch Guard for the carpets and L1 making the leather much more resistant to staining and easier to wipe clean.

The process for a new car takes between six and eight hours to complete. The result is that you are dramatically improving the look of the car and give it extra protection both inside and out. The process strips off all contaminants and restores the paintwork BEFORE anything is applied, this is NOT what is done by the dealers when they offer similar packages. I started this because I have had a number of new car owners being dissapointed with the condition of the car from the dealer and having felt cheated. This package I will be offering for around £350 for a new car which is excellent value for money giving you long term piece of mind.


2 comments on “New car prep – Mini Cooper S, part 2

  1. Lee, I’ve just seen the car in daylight, bright sunlight no less, and the dealer’s swirls are well and truly sorted !
    Thanks again.

    • Thanks Andrew, there some solid protection on there now which will give years of service. Far better in my opinion that Supagard, which I have used as well on several cars.

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