Range Rover sport part 1

Started a new project this week from one of my regular customers it was time for his Range Rover Sport to have a major spruce up ready for spring. A week later I had picked up the keys ready for his car to be detailed whilst he was abroad on business. The car is to be cleaned thoroughly then polished, sealed and protected. Also the alloys are to be sent off and refurbished. Everything then to protected using the GTechniq range.

First thing was to remove the bulk of the loose dirt off the car, this was done by covering the car with e detergent foam and then allowing this to rest for a few minutes.

The results were you could actually see the dirt dripping off;

This was then washed off gently using the pressure washer set to a low pressure at around 60 Celsius. You can see here how it removes the worst of the dirt allowing the second stage of washing by hand to be less likely of dragging any of this dirt over the car, so reducing the chances of marring the paint.

Now once the car had been valet’d properly using the foam, rinse, mitt wash rinse then dry it was time to inspect the paint. Below shows what my main concern was with this car, there is not point in claybaring the car until you can get rid of this;

What these orange specks are is rust! They come from the the disc brakes themselves, when you brake small hot particles of metal are dispersed from the brakes themselves some of these attaching themselves to the paint. These cannot be removed by valet, they are actually embedded into the paint and with time start to rust and expand so damaging the surrounding paint. The only way that these can be removed properly is chemically by making them water soluble, for this I use a product call Iron Cut, this converts these into a water soluble product and changes the colour of them to purple so they become much more obvious.

All of these are damaging to the paintwork, Iron cut is a primary stage in any Xd preparation for a car before using tar removers and a claybar. Next article will be the process of machine polishing and then protecting the paint and trim using the Gtechniq range of products.

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