What does Detailing mean in the UK

My Dad was never keen on having a sparkly car, in fact he use to regularly replace his cars with another old banger. He couldn’t see the point as far as he was concerned “it was a way of

getting from A to B”. But then two doors down from us was a Dad with a lovely new Jag and he was out every Sunday washing, polishing and waxing. The car looked lovely and he was very proud of it. All my Dad could do was go “Pfft” as he walked past, meanwhile I was thinking why cant my dad have a lovely car like that. He still hasn’t changed and he still does

not understand why somebody would be so obsessive over a car, but then he’s happy to answer the door in tracksuit bottoms held up by a piece of string! He’s not alone (apart from the string), I come across many people in the UK who either do not understand or just don’t want to know as to why you should Detail your car.I see it every week when I visit the local supermarket with cars being washed with dirty water for the bargain price of £5. But then you may be one of the few who want to keep their cars looking good and spend a small fortune

down out Halfords filling their garages with a whole array of “Buy two get one Free” products that look good, for a couple of days, before it starts to wear off and looks dull again.

So what is Detailing? Well its the detail, washing and waxing your car is fine but its more understanding why you do these, how it affects your paintwork and what effect the surroundings have on your car. In the UK our paintwork has to tolerate gritted roads in the winter and baking sun in the “cough” summer, oh and then theres that lovely oak tree in next doors garden than seems to make my car sticky and leaves funny marks that keep coming back. So Detailing is Cleaning, Restoring, Protecting and Maintaining. The first three are the most time consuming but the last one will be a heck of a lot less effort than what Mr Jag use to put in because you got your car right in the first place. Even with brand new cars the process they use for preparing the car is on a budget in many cases they are washed for you by the same guys who wander around with a trolly full of dirty water and towels at your local supermarket.

So I have banged on a little about washing, whats so bad about the local supermarket? Well paints are not what they use to be, they are softer and although have much better UV protection they are easily damaged. Dragging a sponge across your paintwork will drag dirt across too and in the process leave behind extremely fine scratches in your paintwork called swirl marks, as shown below.

What you are seeing here is a spider webbing where the sun hits the bonnet and gets refracted in all directions, if you could do a cross section of the paint it would look like a mountain range. All of this has been caused by washing and drying with using unsuitable products and poor preparation.

So over the next few months I will be publishing articles on what YOU can do to get you car looking good and how you can maintain it using quality products and proper techniques for getting it right.

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  1. hi, just like to say I like your work and your dedication. good article too btw, some important facts for the unaware….. Hatfield residents are victim to fall out from those good ole train lines too. look forward to your future articles.
    ps. do you post on detailing world? have you considered doing training days for machine polishing?…


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